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Frequently Asked Questions for Adobe DRM protected e-books

What is Adobe DRM protection?

There is a restriction on the number of devises on which a user can read Adobe DRM protected e-books. The number of devices is 12: 6 PC / Mac and 6 Tablerts / Smartphones. This number is enough to avoid a restriction and protects the creators of trafficking. In order to read Adobe DRM protected books, the user needs to register on Toubis Editions and obtain a personal Adobe Id (by Adobe) and a specific software (for PC / MAC is the Adobe Digital Editions and for Tablets & Smartphones is CosmoteBooks application). All software are available for FREE. On CosmoteBooks, there is a specific indication, for all Adobe DRM protected books. If you read on e-readers, consult the manufacturer's instructions in order to verify that your e-reader opens Adobe DRM protected books. The vast majority is compatible. Amazon's Kindle is NOT a compatible device.


All books offered on CosmoteBooks are Adobe DRM protected?

No. Most of them are Adobe DRM portected but there are also free e-books and for the free books there is no restriction regarding the number of devices. All free books have no protection.


Reading Abobe DRM protected e-books on Pc / Mac / e-reader


How can I Authorize Adobe Digital Edition?

From Adobe Digital Edition Menu, tap (Help / Authorize Computer). Then, select "eBook Vendor" -> Adobe ID,and enter the Adobe ID and the Password acquired by Adobe (if you do not have an Abobe account you will need to create one).

The book I'm trying to download isn’t Pdf or ePub, as indicated, but is acsm format. Why?

All Adobe Drm protected books, before been downloaded to the computer are ascm files. You must install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and you have to authorize it by using your personal Adobe Id, in order to open the book. Adobe Digital Editions converts the file stored on your computer, to Pdf or ePub, then uploads it and you’re ready to read it.  


I can' t download (open) the purchased book.

If you click the “Download Link” to download the purchased book and your computer can’t identify the type of the file in order to suggest you an application to open it, you have not installed Adobe Digital Editions. Install it, then authorize using your personal Adobe Id and repeat the process.


Can I open (read) Adobe DRM protected Pdf files by using another application, for example Acrobat Reader?

No, you can’t. These files can open only by Adobe Digital Editions.


I transfer the purchased book on e-reader or on tablet / smartphone and, while normally opens on Pc / Mac, it can’t open on my mobile device.

First, check if your e-reader supports the Adobe DRM protected books . If yes, then possibly:

Before downloading the book you do not have Authorize the Adobe Digital Editions by using your personal Adobe Id, so the downloaded book can be read only on the downloaded device.  

Send us an email stating the problem. We will restore it and notify you via e-mail to re-download the book from your Library.

CAUTION: Before re-download it, delete the old file through Adobe Digital Edition, and then authorize Adobe Digital Editions by using your personal Adobe Id.


 How do I authorize Adobe Digital Editions ?

After the installation, when you open Adobe Digital Editions for the first time, the associated window opens automatically. If you don’t do it, you can always do it by choosing Library -> Authorize Computer.


Can I de-authorize the Adobe Digital Editions to authorize it by using a different Adobe Id?

Yes, you can by pressing Ctrl-Shift-D on PC or Cmnd-Shift-D on Mac. CAUTION: If you change the authorization on Adobe Digital Editions, all books downloaded and uploaded, can’t open again.


How can I find in which folder, on my computer, are stored the downloaded books?

Via Adobe Digital Edition, select the book you want, click on the little arrow and choose "tem Info". It will show you the exact location of the file on your computer.



 I got the maximum number of devices authorized using the same Adobe Id and I want to activate a new device. Can I?

 Contact Adobe via the chat service offered on http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html and ask them to reset your password. It’s not sure that they will reset it, but it’s very possible. If they do it, you will have the right to activate 4 more devices.


How can I know how many Devices i have authorized with my Adobe Id?

 Contact Adobe via the chat service offered on http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html and ask them to inform you.



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