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Michalis Toubis SA has for over 50 years now been active in the fields of publishing and graphic design. During this time we have established our name as synonymous with the robust and thorough promotion of Greece to thousands of visitors, through the high aesthetic standards of our products.

Since 1965 when the first film reproduction workshop (graphic design), employing 10 people, was opened until today the company has evolved into a leader in the field, with one of the most complete creative production units for graphic design in Greece. Our production unit has:

  • fully horizontal production,
  • specialist staff (graphic designers, copywriters, translators, designers, printers, binders, highly experienced administrative staff and excellently organised Sales and Marketing departments)
  • modern mechanised facilities,
  • unique technical know-how,
  • the largest photographic archive of Greek subjects in the country an extensive sales network, with over 30 exclusive collaborators and representatives and over 6000 sales points
  • 5,500 square metres of privately-owned facilities at Koropi Industrial Park

The company’s many years of experience, its reputation and value were confirmed when it was selected by the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee as the Official Licensee for the design, production and distribution of diaries, cards and posters for the 2004 Olympic Games.

As part of this project, which spread our products to all corners of the globe, the company distributed, amongst other items, individually numbered posters of works by distinguished Greek artists, complete sets of greetings cards as well as collector’s postcard sets. This great publishing effort was complemented by our authentic Olympic Diaries and a series of luxury collector’s box sets, in an effort to give the Games a cultural dimension.

The company’s products cover almost the whole range of graphic design products:

Our books quickly gave the company a leading position in the Greek market: tour guides, historical, archaeological and religious books, coffee table books and art books, illustrated children’s books, etc. All have abundant and informative photographic material and texts written by specialist scholars, creating one of the most complete and informative publishing collections and acting us the ideal guides to the history and culture of each region of Greece, each monument and natural spectacle.

Moreover, M. Toubis maps, which cover every corner of mainland and island Greece, are known for their reliability and precision, being regularly updated and accompanied by detailed information on the history, monuments and useful telephone numbers for each region.

There is a similar variety, of course, in our postcards: thousands of rare and characteristic photographic themes, with a high quality in development and printing, have been travelling all over the world for decades, transporting, along with the sender’s message, some of the most idyllic and beautiful views of Greece, its people and culture.

Finally, the company has created a series of useful personal items, such as diaries, exercise books, notebooks, playing cards, bookmarks, pens and keyrings, which combine practicality with excellent quality and great aesthetics.

For any inquiries please contact at +30 210 6029974

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