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“What’s wrong with me? What have I got? Why am I tired?” he wondered and desperately fingered his face as far as his neck. The whole of his face was pussy, but it didn’t hurt. Only his eyes were sore and tears had started to fall. “I must see, see, I want to know!” he thought. He took the little mirror from his belt, bent down, lit some brushwood, had a look… Within the jumping flames he saw his face and cried out. His whole face was peeling, his eyes had become two small beads, his nose was hidden inside his stretched cheeks and his mouth had become a hole. This was not a human face, it was a freakish mask of skin, inhuman, sickly. As though it was not his own flesh. Strange flesh had been stuck on him, his face had disappeared. “My God, could it be leprosy?” he suddenly thought and collapsed on the floor.


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ISBN 978-960-540-979-1
Dimensions (cm) 12.5×21
Pieces / Kind 1
Pages 48

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