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AEGINA - ANGISTRI - Today and yesterday (English)

In the centre of the Saronic gulf, Aegina conquers the visitor from the first moment. This becomes apparent as soon as you see its picturesque port with the crowds of gaily-painted boats and the old houses exposed on the waterfront. A stroll within the town will lead you to a number of historical buildings from the 19th century. Among them is the former house of Capodistrias, the first governor of Greece after the national liberation struggle of 1821. It still stands as a reminder that for two years Aegina was the temporary capital of Greece, before it was formally established in Nafplio. A stroll near to the port will bring the visitor to the archaeological site of Kolona, where the ancient city had been built... Discover the past and present of Aegina and idyllic Angistri through the pages of this book.


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Dimensions (cm) 12.5×21
ISBN 978-960-540-461-1
Pieces / Kind 1
Pages 96

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