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POROS - Today and yesterday (English)

Nature used all its mastery to create this island. It placed it next to the coasts of the Peloponnese, leaving a narrow pass between the two pieces of dry land. A pass similar to a wide blue river that flows like a snake and forces the boat to manoeuvre to get across. And once it had placed it in this position, Nature filled it with the fir trees that start at its peak and reach as far as the sea. It even planted a lemon forest on the opposite Peloponnesian coast so that in spring the fragrance from the lemon blossom would reach the island. Poseidon saw this and was jealous, but the island belonged to Apollo and in order to take it he had to swap it with Delphi and Delos. The mortals also saw it, however, and, dazzled by its beauty, they built a beautiful city-state on a hill, at the narrowest point of the channel. And somewhat in this way myth became entangled with reality.


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Dimensions (cm) 12.5×21
ISBN 978-960-540-458-1
Pieces / Kind 1
Pages 80

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