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GREEK CUISINE - Discover the Mediterranean diet (Italian)

The “oil of the olive” is an integral part of the history, culture and economy of the countries of the Mediterranean and Greece in particular. It has been a way of life and an irreplaceable food item over the years. The Greeks are the biggest consumers of this wonderful “natural juice” as over 70% of the fat they consume comes from the oil of the olive. As the problems of a correct diet are a serious issue in developed societies, thanks to the lifestyle of large cities, population movement, new forms of work, new living conditions, etc., the quality and type of diet acquire greater significance. Science has much to offer food technology in order to satisfy the population’s constantly increasing needs. But, “technological” interventions are not always healthy. Olive oil has been revealed to be an amazing, wonderful food item that is the main basis of the famous Mediterranean diet. This diet is a completely balanced combination of foods that can guarantee long life, health and a positive mental outlook. This book aims to offer correct and effective information to all those who are interested in improving the quality of their diet, so as to enjoy good health and vitality. It also contains traditional recipes from Greece and Cyprus with an olive oil base and which are a great gastronomic invitation. Try them! 


CUCINA GRECA - Scopra la dieta mediterranea italy


La cucina mediterranea e un modello di vita. Dopo ripetute ricerche gli studiosi sono arrivati alla conclusione che i popoli del mediterraneo sono piu longevi degli altri popoli. La dieta mediterranea si basa sul pane, sulla frutta fresca e sulla verdura, sul pesce, l'olio d'oliva, l'aglio, le cipolle, sulle erbe e sulle erbe aromatiche. In questo libro scopriremo insieme la cucina greca con le sue numerose ricette tradizionali, che vi daranno la possibilita di conoscere il piacere della cucina mediterranea.


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